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Xpedite FT | Cellular Drive Test & Indoor Test Tool

A perfect companion for anyone needing to monitor a network in real time.

Note: Rooting your Android phone is necessary prior to installing the X-TEL Xpedite FT software from the Googly play store. Click this link for more information: Rooting Android Devices.



Xpedite FT makes professional level field test functionality accessible to anyone. It allows real time view of all the key network parameters for GSM, UMTS, CDMA and EVDO in a clean and simple to use UI. Every technician should have this tool!

Xpedite FT displays all the detailed network parameters including:

• Detailed serving system information with MNC, MCC, CID, etc.
• Full received signal measurements for active and neighbors
• Uplink power control parameters
• RACH parameters such as TX Max, RX Min, TX Pwr and Preambles
• Detailed information on packet scheduling (TBF state, TS allocation, CQI & BLER %)
• Data throughput measurements
• Full Layer 3 and RRC signaling


All the parameters are displayed in fully customizable KPI pages with textual parameters and graphical views in bar and line charts.

Xpedite FT also has dedicated displays for real-time map view and service statistics.

Note that Xpedite FT does not do any data logging and only operates for 2 minutes for each collection period. For logging capabilities check out our Xpedite product!


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