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ImageX-TEL Communications, Inc., is focusing on where, when, how, and how much demand for data capacity as more and more smart-devices become a routine part of everyone's lives. Wireless Carriers and Wireless Scientists have continuously worked towards self optimized network (SON) models for years. The goal, reduce data collection and engineering labor costs by having wireless networks heal themselves. As one issue arises, a network can auto adjust and adapt to optimize itself. The idea was genius and has been proven in countless laboratories and infrastructure test centers from Alcatel-Lucent to Ericsson. Everyone promotes it and confirms it is possible, but that story began more than 20 years ago and it has not changed. More than ever, it looks like the unexpected data deluge which is rapidly approaching critical mass will once again be the demise of a practical Self Optimizing Network.

X-TEL promises to be there with the right solution for the right problem. What is it? It's Xpedite. Using the same devices (smartphones and tablets) that are pushing the capacity constraints of 3G and even 4G wireless networks, Xpedite Hand-Held test tool will fight fire with fire. Moving along as data usage begins to reach unprecendented extremes, and wireless carriers struggle to meet the demands of their promises in delivery of high-speed data, Xpedite is positioned to assist in a variety of ways at much less cost, using a much more automated process.

Admittedly, the HetNet organizations have already confirmed their just won't be enough spectrum and capacity to meet the next stage of wireless data demands. These studies have already been done in Chicago, and using current projections we are literally months away from not being able to serve the capacity demands of smartphone and tablet users during peak hours. These times will generally be morning rush hour, lunch time, and the end of the work day. So much demand for data is expected many believe the only real solution is WiFi off-loading. Carrier grade WiFi can, and will likely, play an important role in meeting the Quality of Service (QoS) demands of smartphone and tablet users in the coming 24 months.

The solution to the capacity needs soon to come is indeed a heterogeneous network of many wireless solutions, so the self-optimizing network crowd may need to return to the drawing board and factor the exponential rise in complexity of self optimizing around GSM, UMTS, LTE and oddly enough - tried and true WiFi.

X-TEL recognizes the reality before us and has worked very hard at developing a new strategy that will completely turn RF wireless measurements and testing upside down and inside out. It is not just due to the fact X-TEL's wireless test and measurement solution resides on a hand-held Android smartphone, and is the first of its kind downloadable from the Google play store, with purchase on-demand on a subscription basis, which is by far well ahead of any other vendor offering wireless test and measurement tools. The real value comes from the fact the Xpedite will never be obsolete and will always be improving. That means expect to see major efforts into a focus on automating the data collection process, avoiding boondoggles into the antiquated ways of the past, and certainly avoiding unnecessary and meaningless KPIs. X-TEL will be the one product so easily accessible, so easy to get, and so easy to budget for, whether it's OpEx or CapEx, the flexibility in payment options for wireless compnies is extraordinay.


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