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Xpedite | Hand Held Walk Tester for Wireless RF Performance

Rethinking the measurement tool.

100% compatible log file format with Actix post processing.
Load files directly to Actix without any conversion for easy post processing.

Note: Rooting your Android phone is necessary prior to installing the X-TEL Xpedite FT software from the Googly play store. Click this link for more information: Rooting Android Devices.



























Why is Xpedite on Google play so revolutionary? Simple, because it can be delivered over Goggle play “on-demand” with no long-term contract. What is simpler than that?

Verified to be compatible with most popular Android devices:
Samsung Galaxy S4 | Samsung Galaxy S3 | Samsung Galaxy Tab

Xpedite UMTS View























Xpedite GSM View























Xpedite Statistics View























Product Overview

Product Overview






Key Uses for Xpedite:

  • Macro cellular wireless data collection and optimization (Drive-testing)
  • Small-Cells: Rapid deployment, optimization and verification of small-cells
  • Self Optimizing Networks: optimization, troubleshooting and verification of SON deployments
  • Indoor | In-building Wireless coverage Measurements: Design, coverage, optimization and indoor certifications

For a full list of compatible devices [CLICK HERE] or for future devices: Contact Us!

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