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XCEED WindCatcher Support


Reinventing the measurement tool.

X-TEL is pleased to announce WindCatcher as a leading verified post-processing tool supporting X-TEL’s next generation drive-test | walk-test tool.

X-TEL test data has been imported into WindCatcher, one of the world's leading post-processing tools. 100% compatible log file format with WindCatcher post-processing.

Load files directly into WindCatcher effortlessly. No conversion required. Easy post-processing. Just like it should be.

WindCatcher is one of the first vendors to have verified X-TEL’s new Xpedite for data file output of wireless data measurements.

WindCatcher HetNet Small Cell Testing Xpedite 4GLTE

























After data collection, files are immediately ready to be loaded into the WindCatcher tool by XCEED for post processing.

Xpedite is the perfect hand-held indoor measurement tool for WindCatcher users. Since data collection of RF measurements GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, and even the latest LTE technologies require testing in all types of venues (indoors, drive-testing, stadiums, sports arena, subways, etc.), Android smartphones and tablets provide convenience not before available with full capabilities like X-TEL's Xpedite hand-held walk and autonomous test too. When it comes to indoor wireless measurements, HetNet testing, Xpedite will soon be the number one choice among engineers looking for convenience. Where else can you download a data collection tool on an Android phone from the Google play store and collect the necessary test data to engineering a macro or indoor RF cellular environment? Only on Google play and only by X-TEL.

Combined with WindCatcher, within minutes you can be collecting and analysis wireless cellular data for all technologies.


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