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Wireless Indoor Coverage Verification | Support for WindCatcher

Xpedite Indoor Android Wireles Test ToolNovember 2013 - X-TEL is pleased to announce that its new wireless field measurement hand held tester "Xpedite" has been successfully verified in one of the most popular network planning and post-processing tools commonly known as WindCatcher by XCEED. WindCatcher is an RF planning and post-processing tool for a wide variety of wireless network environments. WindCatcher supports most standard technologies including GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, WiMAX, LTE and others. WindCatcher is a powerful planning tool for network engineers designing indoor HetNet Small Cell networks, the final frontier of wireless communications.

Indoor walk testing has never been simpler with Xpedite. Xpedite is a new generation of hand-held tester designed by X-TEL. X-TEL designed its first hand-held tester on a Nokia platform, when Nokia was the leader in smartphone technology, almost 10 years ago. The new Xpedite runs within the powerful new Android operating system. It collects and stores indoor wireless cellular walk-test measurements and the measurements are easily uploaded into the WindCatcher post-processing tool designed by XCEED.

Xpedite is a power addition to users of the WindCatcher RF planning and post-processing tool because of how easily Xpedite can be installed and deployed through the Google play store. Beginning today, Xpedite is available on Google Play, which means anyone can have access to the technology. The pricing model is revolutionary. That is, it can be purchased based on usage time. If a project requires use of the tool for only one month, a wireless engineer working on an indoor system can download it and pay for only the time necessary to complete the project. Never before have field measurement tools been so easily acquired ("on-demand"), then disabled when no longer necessary. Users only pay for what you use - nothing more.Image

For example, let's say you just found out you need to deploy a major wireless indoor system in a new office building unexpectedly, but there is no capital budget allocated for a Android based hand held indoor walk tester. That's not an issue with Xpedite. Simply place it in your operational budget and it becomes an Operational Expenditure, not a Capital Expenditure. Since Xpedite may be purchased just for the amount of time needed (monthly minimum) your operational expenditures reflect in the overall cost of the project. The opens new alternatives for executives and engineers that need to solve unplanned network deployments when they arise unexpectedly. This is particularly true for indoor engineering of wireless small cell networks.

Couple that with your existing WindCatcher Design and Analysis Software, and your are good to go when you need to get the job done right and on time.

Xpedite is the last drive-test, hand held tester, autonomous measurement device, you will ever need. Upgrades always are included - so never worry about product obsolescence.


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