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ImageRooting an Android phone provides its user with privileged control of the device. This is commonly referred to as “root access” among techies. The purpose of Rooting for X-TEL’s Xpedite Hand-held RF Coverage Measurement Tool is that it enables X-TEL’s software to get deep inside of the chipset in the phone. Therein lies the low level radio measurement parameters from the chipset and how the phone communicates back and forth between the base station and the Android Handset.

For years (cellular) wireless engineers have used expensive drive test equipment installed in mobile drive test coverage vehicles for the purpose of collecting these types of measurement parameters. Often, these parameters are stored in a file and combined with a time stamp and a latitude and longitude, usually obtained from a GPS device. Once the data is gathered RF engineers and technicians take the data back to the office and analyze the results. Generally they use a tool such as Actix or WindCatcher to post-process the data.

While post-processing the data, generally Maps are used to show position in relation to network parameters. Engineer can then determine if a dropped connection or poor data speed in a particular area is due to the RF coverage (radio field strength level), radio interference, or simply a misconfiguration in the wireless network.Image

The Xpedite App for Android wireless cellular measurements is the next generation of test tool for wireless engineers and technicians. It REQUIRES ROOTING the phone to give the user special privileges in order for the software to access the diagnostic parameters so critical to RF Engineering of large Wireless Networks (See Rooting Video and Instructions here). Instructions on ROOTING may be found under the SUPPORT menu on the HOW TO VIDEOS page. Rooting is necessary for the Xpedite software to work.

Hundreds of thousands of people root their phones to remove “bloat-ware” which is extra unnecessary software the wireless carriers bundle along with their phones for marketing and advertising purposes.  Bloat-ware uses a lot of memory and by removing it using the ROOTING process, users can take more control over their phone, speed it up and remove unwanted programs installed by the wireless operators.

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