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X-TEL Indoor Wireless MeasurementsThere are some clear advantages why wireless carriers, engineers and wireless consulting companies soon will look to Xpedite as the device of choice for wireless RF field measurements and analysis of cellular 3G and 4G networks.


ImageX-TEL Communications, Inc., is focusing on where, when, how, and how much demand for data capacity as more and more smart-devices become a routine part of everyone's lives.


ImageRooting an Android phone provides its user with privileged control of the device. This is commonly referred to as “root access” among techies.

Wireless Indoor Coverage Verification | Support for WindCatcher

Xpedite Indoor Android Wireles Test ToolNovember 2013 - X-TEL is pleased to announce that its new wireless field measurement hand held tester "Xpedite

Xpedite Hand-Held Walk Tester Support for DRT Scanners

ImageNovember 2013 – X-TEL Communications, Inc.

Xpedite Hand-Held Walk Tester Supports Actix Post Processing

ImageNovember 2013 – X-TEL Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce its


Rethinking the measurement tool.


  • Hand Held Tester
  • Only pay for the license(s) you need on a per month basis.
  • Vary how many licenses you pay for on a month to month basis. Need 10 units this month, but only 7 units next month, then you need Xpedite. Want to pay for just the technologies you need month to month, you need Xpedite. Want to verify new cells or switches by having every employee collect data for a month, you need Xpedite.
  • What’s more - flip accounting and budgeting upside down. Use your OpEx (easily justifiable capital) instead of the painful budgeting process to justify CapEx. That’s revolutionary.
  • Use regular commercial Android phones and tablets to get real drive-test data from the user perspective.
  • One product for Indoor and Drive-testing, no cables required. This is wireless after all!
  • Full Voice and Data testing with industry standard log file output, supported by popular post-processing tools.
  • Actix support is a must and X-TEL has worked with Actix for more than 10 years.
  • XCEED's WindCatcher has also be verified and others will be working with Xpedite soon.
  • Xpedite is used for cellular drive testing, optimization, performance, troubleshooting, and maintenance for macro, micro, pica, DAS and HetNet cell system testing.
  • Xpedite presents the most important metrics on system performance for both voice and data networks. Users have the ability to exercise the voice and data networks, view the real time processes and log data files for more in-depth analysis.

Field Analysis:

X-TEL's Xpedite hand held network tester works with most of the popular Android smartphones. X-TEL includes a number of easy advanced real-time data displays used to evaluate system performance for both voice and data networks across GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA and UMTS networks. The Xpedite mobile test tool is ideal for large and small cell engineering and optimization. Cell site technicians or engineers use Xpedite in the field to evaluate new small cell or macro cell deployments and to troubleshoot (ad hoc) on the spot without the need for expensive, bulky test gear.

Need LTE data metrics or other data - Xpedite is ready.


  • Indoor Coverage Verification with support for Actix and XCEED
  • Voice and Data Analysis Displays for Indoor Coverage Analysis
  • Real Time Viewing and Data Logging for Indoor WiFi
  • Real Time Displays for Drive Testing and Indoor Verification
  • KPIs (Indoor Verification of Radio Coverage, Statistics of Data Throughput)
  • Field Analysis Tools
  • Audio and Vibration Alerts for Events
  • Voice and Data Scripting
  • Statistics and Call Log Screens
  • Mapping with User Defined Symbols
  • Cell site Database - See Active Cell(s) Highlighted
  • Instantly Add Cell Sites by Touching Map
  • Server Lines on Map from Active Cell Site(s)
  • Touch Cell to see Cell Info on Map


  • Increase Test Points to Improve Network Service Quality
  • Easy to Learn Interface for Field Personnel
  • Cost Effective Solution – Use Op Ex or Cap Ex – Only License What You Need, When You Need It.

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