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xPedite White.

A White-Label Handeld Drive Test and Mapping Tool for Qualcomm Chip-Set SmartPhones.



Advantages of a Custom Designed White-Label Wireless SmartPhone Drive Test Tool:

  • Hand Held Tester! - Own your own white labelled custom drive test product.
  • Only pay for the App 1-time, then own it!
  • Make your own custom branded drive-test products based on our reference design and engineering support.
  • Use regular commercial Android phones and tablets to get real drive-test data from the user perspective for all available wireless technologies supported.
  • iPhone support options available per client. (***Special agreement required for some features).
  • Your own branded product for Indoor and Drive-testing.
  • Store Data to industry standard Qualcomm DM files.
  • xPedite White presents the most important metrics on system performance for both voice and data networks.

Why Go xPedite White?

X-TEL's expereince in drive testing and post-processing designs began way back in 1994. Few have designed drive-test products longer. Our IP hasn't perioshed, it's improved with experience. That helps our partners go from conceptual design to product completion in less time for less investment resulting in significant financial efficiencies.

X-TEL includes a number of easy advanced real-time data displays used to evaluate product development and system performance testing. Custom features are incrementally designed. This enables you to go to market sooner as the incremental designed cycle continues on your custom xPedite White drive test smartphone app. System performance KPIs for both voice and data networks across GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, is supportable based on our reference designs. The xPedite mobile smartphone drive-test app is ideal for both large and small engineering groups, carriers and sub-carriers and large industrial monitoring utilities requiring mission critical performance metrics.

Features Set Options for xPedite White's Possibilities:

  • Indoor Coverage Verification with Map and Floor-plan overlays
  • Voice and Data Analysis Displays for Indoor Coverage Analysis
  • Real Time Viewing and Data Logging for Indoor WiFi
  • Real Time Displays for Drive Testing and Indoor Verification
  • KPIs (Indoor Verification of Radio Coverage, Statistics of Data Throughput)
  • Field Analysis Tools
  • Audio and Vibration Alerts for Events
  • Voice and Data Scripting
  • Statistics and Call Log Screens
  • Mapping with User Defined Symbols
  • Cell site Database - See Active Cell(s) Highlighted
  • Instantly Add Cell Sites by Touching Map
  • Server Lines on Map from Active Cell Site(s)
  • Touch Cell to see Cell Info on Map

Benefits of xPedite White Label Solution:

  • No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions annually for drive test products. That model broke years ago.
  • No regrets as you confirm incremental design progress to your specific brand specifications.
  • Leverage our experience to create your own solution.
  • Get started by contacting us about how to proceed with your own drive-test  branded product - it's less than you think.

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